“Mommy why are you crying?” asked Mario while he tried to remove his mom’s hair from her face. She was sitting down at the edge of her bed looking down crying. Her beautiful black silky hair was covering her face while she was trying to hold her emotions in. Her boy was looking at her, he was tall enough to be at her eye level while she sat on the bed.

“Nothing baby, I’m just very emotional today.  Mommy is having a bad day so I need to cry to let it out” she said why she wiped her tears off her face.

She didn’t want to worry her son. She just found out that her asylum is no longer going to allow her to stay in the United States.  The president just announced that it will expire and she must leave this country within six months.

She has no where to go. She fled her country eight years ago because of a war. Her parents were killed during the war and she barely escaped. She was the only child so she has no other family.

She was eighteen years old when she managed to hire someone to bring her to the United States. Little did she know, that he was also a rapist. Her smuggler, known as a “coyote” in Spanish, raped her while he smuggled her into the United States.

She lost her parents, she lost her virginity and now she was emotionally damaged. Soon, she found out she was pregnant. Her family was very religious, she knew that abortion was not an option.

Nine months later, she had the baby boy. She named him Mario, after her dad.

She applied for asylum and it was granted. She would go to church every Sunday. She knew that God was her only savior. He gave her the strength to keep going.

Every morning she would wake up and go clean houses to make a living. One of her church friends had helped her get that job. She learned very quickly. She got her work permit and then she applied for a housekeeping job at a hotel. She had two jobs by then. She worked all the time. Her church friends would take turns babysitting her baby while she worked.

Her son was seven years old now and he was an American citizen but she wasn’t. She was being forced to leave the country that became home for her. She feared that if she stayed the government might take her son away because soon she would become an illegal. She wants the best for him but she can’t leave him behind. She can’t apply for citizenship through him until he is eighteen but time was against her.

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