It was Christmas time and traffic was bumper to bumper. I saw a car stalled in the middle of the street up ahead. Everyone kept going around it, like nothing was wrong. I finally noticed a police officer come to the rescue. It went behind them and helped them push the car to the side of the road. I thought that was amazing that he helped this elderly couple get out of danger.

As I was passing by, I noticed the police officer leaving. I drove passed them and noticed them outside their car, they looked worried and they needed help. It was a cold night, I wouldn’t wish anyone to be outside. I made a u-turn up ahead and came back around. I asked if they needed gas and they said yes. I told them I would right back.

The closest gas station was five miles away so I bought a container to bring them gas. I filled up the container and went back to help them. By the time I got back the grandpa had decided to walk to the gas station so I helped the grandma put the gas in the car. She soon drove the car to look for her man that was stubborn to walk in the cold. I followed her just to make sure she found her other half and made it safe to the gas station. They thanked me and I went my way home. It felt good to help someone’s grandparents that day. I think it’s important to help people in need during the holidays.

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