This is so embarrassing especially when my kids are around. I have a suburban with dark limo tint and I’m usually putting gas when it happens just like yesterday.

I’m pumping gas and the car behind me is also pumping gas. The guy tries make to make small talk. They ask how is my day and politely say good. I try my best to not make eye contact but I guess that’s not enough. Once I’m finished, they go for the punch line. “You are very beautiful, can I have your number?” I point to the ring and say I’m sorry have a good day.

The moment I get in the car my kids are laughing. They love to see guys get rejected. They have no idea that my kids were watching. I have to give men props for trying, it must be hard always getting rejected. I’m not going to lie, it does feel good to get hit on even though I know all these men lie just to get what they want.

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