It was an ordinary day in San Gabriel, California in 1993 when my grandma found out that my grandpa was involved in a car accident. She was confused at the beginning because she saw his truck parked in the driveway. She thought maybe they had mistaken. She quickly found out that it was no mistake.

My grandpa would walk around the corner to go buy his cigarettes. He would have to cross an intersection in order to get to the store. He was very old, seventy-two to be exact. He had a bad knee and walked very slow. 

He was crossing the sidewalk.  It was a rainy day. He hadn’t made it across yet but the light had turned green for the traffic. According to the reports he was struck in the last lane of the intersection; he was only one car length away from the sidewalk.

He was rushed to the hospital and he was put into an MRI machine however it appears that my grandpa suffered a heart attack while under going this procedure. My grandpa didn’t die due the accident, he died because he got a heart attack. People say that you can’t trigger heart attacks, but I disagree. I think he had a phobia of being in small places and he triggered his heart attack with his anxiety.

Anytime I see old people walking the streets, they remind me of my grandpa.  We have to be more cautious when driving, accidents happen I get it but we have a duty to take care of our elders.

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