“Help! Help! I can’t swim” yelled my aunt. We were all riding a banana boat when during a turn she lost her grip and fell into the ocean water. We waved the boat to stop so we can go back for her. My husband had already jumped off when he saw her fly out. We all knew she doesn’t know how to swim so my husband had agreed to jump if she fell. She was still wearing her life vest but she was freaking out. She was screaming and trying to stay afloat in the water.

“Help! Help!” she continued to yell and splashing water with her arms. My husband gets to her and she is hugging him and she is climbing all over him. Suddenly my husband feels the ocean floor. He stands up and she still holding on to him. “Tia, Tia! Why don’t you stand up?” he asked her. (Tia means aunt in Spanish) She finally stood up and touches the floor. She is so embarrassed. We arrived with the banana boat and my husband tells us what happened. We see our aunt walking back to shore. We couldn’t stop laughing.

Photo: The one pointing to the camera is my aunt that flew from the banana boat.