“Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Another senator found dead this month!” shouted a young boy while walking between cars that were stopped at a red light.

A man walking the sidewalk overheard the young boy’s sales pitch. He was walking his dog while drinking his coffee. Now he couldn’t wait to get home to read his newspaper.

He arrived home. He picks up the newspaper that was sitting on the porch floor and he takes his dog’s leash off . The dog runs inside the doggy door to get some water. The man opens the front door and walks straight to the kitchen to find his wife serving cereal to his two young boys.

“Good morning babe” he says to his wife and gives her a kiss on her lips. The wife responds to him, “How was your walk?” He replies, “It was great babe but I did hear that another senator died”.

“Again?  Poor families, my heart goes out to tell them” she responds. He tells her, “I know, but there has to be someone behind this, it’s too much coincidence now” while he pours himself another cup of coffee.

“You got to be careful Marcus, I’m worried about you since you’re around all those people everyday” whispers his wife.  “They are not going to do anything to me babe, I just have to do my job and protect the First Lady” he responds to her in a low voice while hugging her from behind. They didn’t want the boys to hear their conversation. She was standing over the sink washing the dishes.

He goes to sit down to the table to finish his coffee and begins to read the newspaper. His wife finishes washing the dishes and she heads upstairs to get the boys ready for school.

He finds the story about the senator. The article says that it appears he suffered a heart attack. Investigators don’t want to give out too much information. This is the sixth senator found dead within a month.

To be continued Part 5

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