I’m on strike. I didn’t even realize. Everyday I would wake up and clean my kitchen, sweep and mop my floors. I would cook yummy meals and drive my kids to their schools. I was always washing all their clothes and cleaning all their rooms. I was taking care of everyone’s needs no one ever cared if I had something to eat. I would even mow the lawn because I cared about my house needs. I was the one always paying the bills, he would just ask how much can I use. One day everything changed. My mind gave up and now I feel like I’m in a maze.

How is possible to stop caring about everything? I feel like I failed. I’m broken. I wish someone would step up and tell me everything is going to be okay. Instead everyone reminds me that I’m not doing anything.

Now my house is a mess and we are so behind in our bills. I can’t seem to wake up from this sleeping spell.

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