I bought a twelve foot Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Yes! I got a discount they were not being mean.

I went for the biggest, because that was on my kid’s wish list.

The men at the yard helped me tie it down. I was driving with the tree all around town.

I was babysitting that day, so I had eight kids in my truck. It was just my luck.

I got home and then I realized I was doomed. How was I supposed to get a twelve foot Christmas tree off my truck roof?

The kids laughed because I didn’t think about that. They said I was being stubborn

and needed a man.

I finally got an idea. I decided to use all these kids to good use. I got a ladder and a blanket, I was going to make this happen.

I told them to hold the blanket on one side of the truck. I climbed up the ladder and got on the top of my truck.

I pushed the tree towards the kids side. I just hoped that the kids didn’t close their eyes.

I had all the kids ready to catch my big tree, hopefully no one gets injuries.

The kids were laughing

when the tree fell to the floor.

They soon realized that I no longer

needed a man anymore.

I hope you enjoyed my mini adventure,

this was definitely a day I’ll always remember.


photo: The Christmas tree is the one from this poem. I dressed it up as Darth Vader last year. I always have a theme each year. I will make a post about all my themes since Christmas is near.