I get home with two large pizzas. My husband opens the box and notices that a pizza slice is missing.

“Babe, the pizza is missing a slice” says my husband.

“Really?” I respond.

“Are you serious babe, you didn’t notice when you picked it up?” asked my husband.

“I just picked it up” I responded.

He is getting upset that they sold us a pizza missing the slice. It was so hard to not laugh.

“I’m going to call to complain, that’s not acceptable babe” he tells me.

He grabbed the phone and began looking for the phone number on the receipt.

That’s when I had to confess. There was a homeless person outside when I came out of the pizza place. They asked me if they could have a slice and I didn’t see the problem so I gave her one. It was so funny seeing him get upset that they sold us a pizza missing a slice. I wasn’t trying to prank him this one just happened.

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