Mrs. Wilson came downstairs and noticed the investigators in her living room. Her daughter approached her and said, “Mom, the F.B.I. needs to speak to you about dad, they said it was very important”. Her mom replied, “Okay dear”, as she walks towards them to the living room.

As she approaches them, the two investigators got up and shaked her hand. “We are sorry for your loss Mrs. Wilson. Please accept our apologies for invading your home but we must ask you a couple of questions”, said investigator Monroe to her. “I don’t think I’ll be much help but I’ll tell you what I recall”, replied Mrs. Wilson.

Mrs. Wilson and investigators sat back down in the living room. “Mrs. Wilson when was the last time you spoke to your husband?” asked Monroe. “We spoke around five p.m. yesterday. I called him to explain that my flight was delayed due to weather conditions. We had plans to meet for dinner around seven but I was unsure what time I would get home, so we had to cancel our dinner plans. The call kept breaking up because I didn’t have  good reception but we didn’t speak much after” explained Mrs. Wilson.

“Did he have any health problems that you know of?” asked Monroe. “My husband did suffer from high blood pressure but he had it under control,”   she responded. “We will be having a team coming to take pictures and take any evidence they might need” said Monroe. Mrs. Wilson knotted her head.

A team of investigators came into her house and began taking bags of evidence. Mrs. Wilson and her daughter just sat in the living room while seeing people go in and out of her house.

Investigator Monroe and Investigator McCullers began to discuss the case in the room upstairs. “This is our sixth senator that dies this month. The first one died of a heart attack too. The second senator was a slip and fall; he died due to bleeding out. The third one drowned because he had a heart attack while swimming”  said Monroe. Investigator McCullers tells Monroe, “We need to go back to other cases to see what we might have missed”.

The spokesman for the F.B.I. had to give a status about Mr. Wilson’s death to the reporters outside. “As of now, all we know is that Senator Wilson had a heart attack and was pronounced dead early this morning” said the spokesman. Reporters were trying to ask additional questions but the spokesman said, “I’m sorry but I can’t provide any additional information at this time, this is still an active investigation” he walked away and was escorted into a black sports utility vehicle and left.

To be continued Part 4

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