I’m feeling silly today so I hope you enjoy.


I need a man to help me clean,

and to pamper me like his queen.

I want him to rub my feet,

and after tell me,

that I’m all that he needs.

I need him to buy me tampons,

it’s only once a month, so come on.

Wants to spend time with me,

he will wear a mud masque,

to show the love he has for me.

I promise I won’t say a word,

to any of his friends,

but he must stay up with me until ten,

watching the Walking Dead.

I want a man that’s knows how to make me breakfast in bed,

and even after makes the bed.

I want to hold hands in public,

I want him to miss me when I’m not around him.

I want a man that is obsessed with me,

all he wants to do is caress me.

I need a man that knows how to make me laugh,

he gets my evil pranks,

he is the accomplice I never had.

Photo credit: https://www.pexels.com/search/couple/