I need to share this because it gave me chills when my foster daughter told me.

On Monday, I had both of my foster kids take the early school bus because they had a baseball game. 

When I arrived, my foster daughter begins to tell me that her brother was talking to strangers. She explains that a lady in a van approached them and asked if they needed to use her phone to call home. Her brother without hesitation said yes and begins to approach her van. His sister immediately tells him to stop and told the lady no thank you. 

Their school bus usually arrives between 6:10-6:15 but on this particular day they arrived five minutes before their schedule.  They know that I will be there and if it’s getting too late, they go into a store and ask to use their phone. 

I had to have another talk about approaching vehicles.  Obviously I asked if this was a mom picking up another child too and they said no, she was alone just passing by. 

Now, I had to remind my foster son that you never approach a car you don’t know. Many people will ask kids a question and as soon as you get close enough someone can snatch him away. I might be overreacting but the movie, “Changeling” opened my eyes that there are still evil people in this world. 

Photo credit: https://www.babycenter.com/0_how-to-talk-to-your-child-about-interacting-with-strangers_3657124.bc