In 1993, my husband’s grandma had to go to Mexico because her mom was ill.  She had been caring for her husband since he was as under going chemo therapy because he had been diagnosed with cancer. She was in a bind but she needed to go see her mom since she was not doing so good.

Once she arrived to Mexico her mom began to get better after being there for over a week so she decided to leave early and surprise her children. She changed her flight to a couple of days earlier but didn’t tell anyone since she wanted to surprise them.

She took a taxi to the airport and weather was really bad. It had been raining and the roads were extremely flooded. The taxi driver hydroplaned going down a road in the mountains and lost control. The taxi cab rolled over and fell into a cliff. The driver survived and he fled the scene of the accident. They found his grandma near the crash site but she was pronounced dead.

According to the coroner, she was not wearing her seatbelt and she hit her head on the frame of the taxi so she immediately died due to blow on the head. That information at least gave his family piece of mind that she didn’t suffer waiting for help since the driver left her behind.

They eventually found the driver and sentenced him to jail for fleeing the accident but his family didn’t want to pursue criminal actions since he begged for forgiveness. He was a family man and taking him away from his family wasn’t going to bring his grandma back to life. He was never going to be a taxi driver again that was for sure granted.

Always wear your seatbelt, you never know when an accident can occur. His grandma was only sixty-one years of age when she passed away. When her husband found out, he had no motivation to live anymore so his grandpa also passed away two weeks later. It’s unfortunate how accidents can trigger a life changing event forever.

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