Who calls the cops at eight in the evening? Apparently four neighbors.  I was shocked but my husband took care of it.  It was a lady cop and my husband knows to how to talk to people. 

The cop asked, “How many people are in your party?”

My husband  responds, “Ninety-eight.”

Officer responded, “That’s a random number”.

My husband said, “Oh, wait. Ninety-seven, that person is leaving.”

Officer just laughed and she said,” I see that you know your laws. If you have more than a hundred people, you need a permit. Well I just had to come since we had four complaint calls. Just lower it a little but you have until ten.”

Music was supposed to end at ten however some uncles ended up paying an extra hour. We were just waiting for cops to show up again but they never came. 

It was an awesome party. 

Thanks for reading.