Mrs. Wilson is sitting down in the hospital room alone with her husband. She is now planning a funeral instead of her wedding anniversary. She calls her daughter to relay the message that her father has passed. The daughter comes rushing to the hospital to find her mom starring at her dad.

She knocks the door to alert her mom that she was coming in. It’s dead silent inside, as she walks in all you can hear are her shoes squeaking. She approaches her mom and gives her a hug. They both cry holding each other.

Her mom finally let’s go and she goes on the other side of the bed to stand next to her dad and holds his hand.  They are both just starring at him. This will be their final goodbye. She gives him a kiss on the forehead and whispers in his ear, “I love you dad”.

The daughter gets up and walks to other side of the bed. She helps her mom get up from her chair. Her mom stands up and finally let’s go of his hand and gives him a kiss on his forehead. They both walk out of the room hugging each other.

The daughter drives her mom home. They begin to approach and they see all these news vans outside her house. “What is going on?” ask Mrs. Wilson to her daughter.  “I don’t know mom, what should we do?” she asked.

“Just park in the driveway!” shouts Mrs. Wilson. She is extremely frustrated seeing all these news reporters. They pull into the driveway and you can see all the reporters rushing to her car.  They both get out and walk quickly to the front door.  All the news reporters are asking if Senator Wilson was murdered? She keeps walking and trying to ignore their questions.

Minutes later, Federal Bureau Investigators are knocking at her front door. News got out that this was the sixth senator found dead this month so all the news reporters are outside trying to get more information from the police and investigators.

Her daughter peaks through the window and sees them flashing their badges. She opens the door and they explain that they must speak to Mrs. Wilson.  She lets them in and tells them to give her mom a moment, it’s been a long morning for her.  They understand and patiently wait in the living room.

To be continued…..Part 3

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