There I was sitting in the living on my phone, when my son asked,

“Mom, where is the windex?” 

“It’s in the laundry room,” I said. I’m thinking to myself, he is actually going to clean without me asking.

“My friends dared me to spray some windex in my mouth. I’m not a wimp so I’m going to do it” said my son.

I’m not looking at him directly but I’m listening, I’m totally distracted on my phone. I said, “Your friends are dumb”. I see him walk to the laundry room and get the windex.

“I have to do it” he grabs a spray bottle that has a blue liquid (looks like windex) and sprays some in his mouth.

I could see through my peripheral vision that he did it. I’m thinking to myself, a little spray can’t harm him, so I continue on my phone.

“It doesn’t taste like anything, I guess I’m going to take a sip instead” said my son. He begins to remove cap and is about to take a sip. I immediately get up and go towards him to yank the bottle away and scream, “Nathan!”

It was too late, he drank some. I’m mad at him and begin to lecture him as to what was he thinking. He is laughing at me. I’m so confused. He finally tells me that it’s a prank. He bought a spray bottle and filled it up with blue Gatorade. I can’t believe he pranked me. I’m always pranking my kids so I guess it was pay back. I guess it’s true, kids learn from their parents. Ha! Ha! 😬

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