My two boys got jealous that I made my daughter a poem. Here is a poem I made for one of my boys.


You arrived on a special day,

you will always share your grandpa’s birthday.

Grandpa always knew how to nap you.

I would find you napping on his chest,

I think his snoring would put you to rest.

You needed your shots when you turned one,

so your sister screamed, “Nathan run, Nathan run“,

She made the poor nurse run, run, run.

Your sister would always kiss you,

every time she missed you.

When you would get mad,

you would become Spider-Man.

You would shoot Spider Webs,

but sometimes you’ll miss,

it helped you unstress.

Now your fifteen,

taller than me.

I can’t believe

you were part of me.


you will always love your bacon.