My uncle came to the states when he was about eighteen years old. My mom told him that in order for him to learn English he needed to listen to English music.  My uncle discovered Elvis Presley and he became his idol. My uncle became so obsessed that every morning he would put on a show.

Our neighbors would keep us up all night with their loud music so my uncle gave them a taste of their own medicine. At 5:30 am he would open his window and would begin to blast his music and obviously sing along to it.

My neighbors soon learned what my uncle was doing so they stopped blasting their music late at night.

When my uncle became a naturalized citizen he was given an opportunity to change his first name to be more Americanized. He went from “Mauricio” to becoming “Scott Elvis”. 

Now, it doesn’t stop there. My other uncle also changed his name. He changed it from “Carlos” to “George Washington”.  I have a one of a kind family, that’s all I have to say.  

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