It’s was a Friday evening and all the cousins were at my house getting ready to watch a movie.  We were a big family so all the adults were sitting on the couch and all the kids on the floor. We had at least two rolls of cousins in front of the television but we are all smuggled together sharing the popcorn.

All of a sudden my grandma tries to get up but we were blocking her pathway. She is mumbling and has her hand over her mouth. She was trying to hold it but she no longer couldn’t and unfortunately threw up on my little cousin that was next to me.  It fell on his head and we immediately made space for her to get out. My grandma suffered from acid reflex and she always had a bucket next to her because she had food come back up. She couldn’t find her bucket since it was too dark so she ran to the front door. She opened the front door and continues to vomit outside the door.

We follow her and now noticed that our white chow chow was her next victim. The dog was sitting outside the door. The dog was now licking off her vomit and she begins to laugh. My cousin is crying his head off that grandma threw up on him. She is laughing so hard that she ends up peeing herself . 

This was my husband’s grandma and when he shared the story with me, I had to share with you. It’s amazing how one event can trigger to be a funny moment.

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