The house phone begins to ring and the answer machine picks up, it’s dead silence.  Senator Wilson was unable to answer because he was in the shower upstairs.

He finally comes out of the shower and gets dressed to go to bed. He didn’t go downstairs to check his voicemails. He had a horrible evening because he just found out that his wife was stuck in a layover due to the weather conditions.

He has to go to sleep without her. He had plans to take her out for their 25th wedding anniversary.  Her reception was not that great earlier so they couldn’t even talk much on the phone.

He grabs his favorite reading book and goes to his side of the bed. He turns off the ceiling light, but turns on his lamp that is next to him.

He begins to read and maybe half an hour later decides to call it a night. He turns off his lamp and goes to sleep.

Around midnight his wife finally arrived home and quietly puts on her night gown to go to sleep next to him. She managed to lay down next to him without waking him up. He is a very light sleeper.

She gets woken up by the sun light coming into her room. She quickly glances at her phone and looks at the time. It’s past seven a.m. She discovers her husband still in bed. He is an early riser and it was past his time.

She shakes him and says, “Honey, are you awake?” He is not responding. She turns him around towards her and notices that he is not breathing. She immediately reaches for her phone and calls 9-1-1. She tells the operator that her husband is not breathing.

She is crying over him asking him to wake up. She is hitting him on his chest, “Wake up dear! Wake up!” while her tears fall over him.

Within minutes, the door bell rings and she rushes downstairs to open the door. The paramedics rush into her room and lay him on the floor and attempt to do CPR. She is crying and screaming, “Do something! Help him please”.

Police officers have to escort her out of the room because she is going hysterical. They help her go downstairs to her living room. She has no shoes, just her a black robe that she was able to put on quickly. She is sitting down on the couch crying.

The paramedics bring him down the stairs and they continue to do drastic CPR on him. She wants to go with him but officers hold her back. The officers tell her to get dressed so they can take her to the hospital. She immediately runs to her room and begins to change into warm clothes. She rushes back out and an officer takes her in a patrol car to the hospital. The officer turns on the sirens and heads to the hospital.

She arrives at the hospital and runs to the emergency entrance.  “Where is my husband?” she is demanding the staff for answers. “What is your husband’s name?” ask the nurse. “William Wilson, William Wilson!” she says.

They finally locate him but ask her to please wait in the lobby until someone calls her. She sits down in the lobby.

A few minutes later, a doctor comes out and asks her to follow him. They walk down the hall and he takes her into a room. The doctor looks at her and takes a deep breathe, “Mrs. Wilson, I’m sorry. We tried to do everything possible but Mr. Wilson has passed away.” She cries and asked, “How?” Doctor explains that it appears that he had a heart attack but they will have to wait for the autopsy to make their final determination. She sits down and she is speechless. The doctor tells her, “Mrs. Wilson, a nurse will come and escort you to see your husband”. She was no longer listening to him; she begins to space out.

He begins to walk out of the room but touches her shoulder as a way to show empathy.

To be continued, Part 2

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