Robotic babies are definitely impressive. Finally, technology is has its benefits. My daughter is taking a child development class in high school and she was just given a baby for the weekend.  

Now, this baby sounds like a real one. My daughter had a break down this weekend because her baby wouldn’t stop crying.  Everything she is doing is being recorded internally so it affects her grade if she doesn’t give the baby the attention it needs. 

I had to help her sooth it by rocking it back and forth for it to go sleep.  To be honest, it was stressful because it’s her grade on the line. 

Who invented these robotic babies?

I found an amazing article that explains how it all started. A man with a dream in 1992, saw a show where teenagers held bags of flower as babies to teach them parenthood. He decided to make a robotic baby out of his garage to give them the real experience. Rick Jurmain was a genius.