Guns can kill people. I think we all know that by now, you must be careful when handling them. 

I’m going to tell you story that brought me to tears. This is an event that affected my husband while he was growing up.

Nobody really knows what really happened except his cousin’s friends that were there but this is what they said to the police.

In 1993, his cousin was eighteen years old and he was hanging out with his friends. They were not the best influences.

According to his friends, his cousin was playing with a gun.  He kept pointing the gun at them and his friends would tell him to stop doing that. He told his friends not to worry, that it was unloaded. As a way to show them they were safe, he put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. Unfortunately there was a bullet and he died.

Now, there are many different conspiracies of what really happened that night. People rumor that he got into an argument with his friends and they shot him. But only his friends know what really happened. Others claim that he was mentally unstable, that he was suicidal.  It’s still sad, he ended up losing his life due to a gun.

His girlfriend found out after his death that she was pregnant. They say that if he would have known sooner maybe he would have stopped hanging out with those types of friends but who knows. This is just a sad way to die. 

If you own a gun I think it’s extremely important to teach kids safety. Bottom line, guns kill; they are not toys.

photo credit: yahoo images