Imagine being at the park and you get the urge to go the restroom.  The restroom is on the other side of the park so you must walk about 4 minutes to get there. You make it to the restroom. You feel happy that you made it and now you find out that there is no toilet paper.  This is exactly what happened to my daughter.

She called her dad to bring her toilet paper. I was busy doing scorekeeping so he had to go take her some. He is walking up there and realizes that he can’t go into the women’s restroom. He recalls that restrooms have those small openings in the bottom so he asked what restroom she was in so he can hand it to her through the whole from the outside. My daughter told him that that she was in the back stall.  

He hands the toilet paper and she grabbed it.  He accomplished the toilet paper mission. A minute later, my daughter calls asking if he is almost there.  He tells her that he handed the toilet paper and somebody grabbed it. He is so confused. I guess she gave it to the wrong stall and someone in the other stall grabbed it since they also needed it.

Round 2.

He had to go back down to get more toilet paper to take it to her again. He decides to ask the ladies in line if they can please hand the toilet paper to my daughter that was in the stall.  Finally, the mission was accomplished.

Now, if your sitting down in the toilet and you see a hand through a whole  handing you toilet paper, will you grab it?  Ha ha! What would you do? People are funny, I think I would be freaked out.