I’m going to sound like an insurance commercial.  Will you swerve to avoid an animal or hit the animal that crosses your path? 

What does a normal human being do?  Steer away from it, right? Wrong move!

Now, I’m putting my insurance hat on.

 For insurance purposes, you should never swerve to avoid it.  You will most likely lose control or hit something else. Animals are unpredictable and it’s difficult to safely avoid them. Keep your vehicle in your lane and hit it. Try your best to slow down but stay in your lane and stay in control.  After you hit it, then try your best to keep control of your vehicle and stop to pull over safely.

If you hit the animal, you will not be at fault for the accident. If you have comprehensive coverage, it will covered under that coverage. You would need to pay your deductible but it shouldn’t count against your future renewal premium (but insurance companies can charge you what they want) and it will not affect your license with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Now, if you swerve to avoid the animal and hit other property, (like another vehicle for example), you will be at fault for the accident. It would be covered under your collision coverage, you would still be responsible for a deductible and it will count against you in the future renewal and it could affect your license with the Department of Motor Vehicle.

I hope I explained it well enough for you to know what is the best way to keep your insurance premiums low. Every scenario is different in car accidents but always know what insurance companies are looking for.

Photo credit: https://www.petinsurancequotes.com/pet-insurance/texas.html