Hi everyone, 

I decided to write my first fictional story on my blog. This is a summary of what it will be about. I hope it interest you. This is just the beginning, you’ve inspired me to keep writing. I’m not going to lie, it was difficult to press the button to publish. 😬


Senators and congressmen are unexpectedly dying in freak accidents. The United States of America never had seen such an epidemic. Death was not discriminatory just because they were in office. 

At first, everyone thought it was just unfortunate accidents but then they noticed an usual trend. They were all in office and died unexpectedly. Whoever was behind this epidemic was always a step ahead of investigators.

Is it a person behind this menace or a group of people? Investigators couldn’t figure it out. Someone was tired of politics and literally wanted to clean house. 

Who was going to be next victim? 

Let me go back to explain how everything started. The people were tired of the politics. The people in office were making life changing decisions against the people. The people lost hope of the political system because the politicians had too much power.

The unemployment rates had risen, record high. Most companies had moved overseas to make more profit. Millions of people were struggling to make ends meet. The government had deported all the illegals and had destroyed families that had lived in the states for centuries. Food prices were record high because it was a struggle to find people willing to accept agriculture jobs at a minimum wage.

Photo credit: https://mtviewmirror.com/we-the-people/