I’m walking out at 4 am out of my house to my driveway to warm up my car. It’s extremely cold at that time and still dark outside. I get into the passenger seat and lay my seat down. I’m waiting for my husband to come out so we can leave to work.

I realize that I left my make-up bag in the kitchen so I run to the house to get it. I run quickly back out since I left my car running. 

I get back into my car and lay down in the passenger seat. I suddenly notice my neighbor’s drive way light turn on. That gets my attention because I don’t see anyone by his driveway. I begin to sit up to look and notice a black shadow moving towards my car on my driver side.

I immediately push the lock button, it was too late. The lights inside my car turn on. A stranger just opened my driver side front door. I began to scream!!! He is looking right at me and he is feet away from me.

He was surprised to see me and he just closed the door and took off. I get out of my car and notice him running alongside the street next to a white truck. He got in and they left. 

I’m still shaking.  I grab the keys to my car and go inside and tell my husband what just happened.  I couldn’t even breathe because I soon realize what could have happened.

My husband called the police and they tried to take fingerprints but they never found who he was. 

I guess he saw me go inside my house and thought he could steal my car, he never saw me walk back into my car. 

Now, I don’t care if I’m in my driveway, I always lock my car if I’m inside.

Photo credit: http://www.prague-guide.co.uk/car-theft-in-prague/