I wanted to share some Hispanic traditions I had while growing up.  I look back and I laugh because my husband and I shared some of the same traditions, it wasn’t just me.


Our house alarm was the following: Leave the light of the living room on and the television. I guess it worked because we were never robbed.

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Did you get injured? Hispanics don’t believe in emergency rooms. They would take you to a “Sobador”. He was known to massage you and put your bones back to place but had no medical license.

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True story. My little brother hurt himself while playing football in High School and my mom took him to a “Sobador”. He didn’t get better.  She finally took him to the doctor a week later and discovered that his arm was broken. 


If you put your purse on the floor, it’s bad luck.  We were told that you are going to always run out of money. 

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If your palms are itchy it means that soon you will receive money. 

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If someone sweeps your feet with a broom you will a become a widow one day.

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If your ears are ringing, it’s because someone is talking about you.

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Babies have to wear a special bracelet that repeals against evil eye. The bracelet is called the eye of the deer. It’s not an actual eye but it is a seed that is known to be a good luck charm.

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Need Tupperwares? No problem.  We recycle all the containers we use.  You will find in the sour cream container, leftovers. In the butter container, you will find more leftovers.  

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Misbehaving? Every child got to meet the “chancla”. The “chancla” was the rubber sandal that was available whenever you misbehaved.

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Never go anywhere alone or else “El Cucuy” would take you away from your family. “El Cucuy” was known as an unknown creature that snatches kids away if they don’t listen to their parents.  I guess he was the modern “It”. 

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Last but not least, my grandma would have a candle lite with a glass of water with a picture of someone that was deceased. She would explain that the dead are thirsty so she would leave a glass a water for them.  I truly believed it was true until I learned about evaporation. 

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