Let’s me start by saying that I’ve had three small fires in my kitchen.  I’m definitely a fire hazard but I’ve learned from my mistakes and taught my kids what not to do.

French Fries Fire #1

I was making French fries and I had a plate with a drainer on top of it. In between I had placed a napkin to absorb the oil from the french fries. I was taking the fries out of the pan and all of a sudden I notice the napkin on fire.  I guess I got too close and since the napkin was sticking out of the plate, it got close to the burner. I panicked but my mother in law was there so she immediately took it away and placed the napkin in the sink. Lesson learned, don’t have the napkin sticking out of plate.

Jell-O Shots Fire #2

I was making Jell-O shots for New Year’s Eve.  It was my first time making them. I mixed the Jell-O with the water on the stove. It was time to add the alcohol to it.  I added it and the pot caught fire. Again my mother in law was there and she immediately turned off the burner and put a plate over the fire.  I was so lucky to have her by my side. Lesson learned, don’t leave the burner on when mixing alcohol.

McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Fire #3

I had been eating a ten piece of chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce.  I had saved them in the microwave for later because I didn’t finish them.  I went to microwave and put them to warm up. I was passing by the kitchen and notice the chicken nuggets on fire.  I guess I had left the lid of the barbecue sauce inside the box and since it’s aluminum, it caught fire.  I immediately stopped the microwave and I was scared as to what to do. I grabbed the microwave plate that spins and slowly took it out to sink to put the fire out. Lesson learned, don’t leave aluminum lid inside the box.

Don’t do what I did. If you do, make sure to have a Super Mother-in- Law to the rescue. Ha ha! She saved me twice. 

Tip, don’t try to turn off an oil fire with water. I now have a fire extinguisher in my kitchen.