When my grandma got diagnosed with cancer she was given only a month to live.  She didn’t want to die in the hospital, so my mom took her to our home.

She was transported via ambulance to my house. I recall hearing a story that she was flirting with the paramedic on the ride to my house. I guess that’s where I get it from. The paramedic was extremely handsome and she made sure he knew. She could see a Denny’s Restaurant sign through the window of the ambulance and asked if he would be interested one day for a cup of coffee. Ha! Ha!

My grandma finally arrived and my mom gave her the master bedroom. I remember that I was extremely happy that my grandma was going to stay with us. I was too young to understand why she was staying. 

Every morning before I head to school I would go give her a kiss goodbye. As soon as I would get home, she was the first person I would go spend time with.  I recall feeding her vanilla ice cream, that was her favorite.

It was my daily routine for weeks until one morning. My grandma didn’t want to let me go.  She held my hand tight and told me that she sees black shadows in the room and that they want to take her away. I was looking around and I didn’t see anything. She was so scared.

When I got back from school, everyone was in her room praying. I was unable to go in because the room was packed with family. I recall falling asleep on my bed waiting for my turn to spend time with her. I was woken up when she had already left Earth. 

My mom explained that my grandma’s journey had came to an end on Earth. I witness everyone crying but I didn’t cry because I didn’t understand what was really happening. I was ten years old when she passed away. 

Men came into our house early in the morning but it was extremely dark still outside and they placed a white sheet over her body.  Everyone was just standing around in the living room. We all watched her being taken away. She was about to exit the front door when suddenly my mom shouts, “Stop!”

She told the men to turn her around. She was laying in the bed with the white sheet over her body. They were about to exit the front door with her head first. My mom told them to turn her around, that she has to exit feet first.

I asked my mom now why did she make them turn her around.  My mom explained that there is theory that if a person dies they must exit feet first from the building or else someone else in the family will die too very soon after. 

Photo credit: https://www.worldwildlife.org/pages/earth-hour