“Tag, you’re it,” shouted my son.  His dad begins to chase him around the park. You see him running and looking back and suddenly you hear, BOOM! I just witness my son crash into a tree.  Now trees don’t move, so it was definitely my son’s fault. 

I rush to go help him and his right side of his face is beginning to swell up. He is crying because he is in so much pain.  He is embarrassed because it was his fault.  He suddenly gets the urge to want to go pee.  We tell him to go to the restroom and he just can’t decide to go.  So he pees on himself at the park.

I just don’t know what else to do.  We had walked to the park to exercise so my car wasn’t close by.  We had to walk as a family back home. As soon we we got home, I put a home remedy on his face to reduce the swelling. He definitely suffered a concussion but we Hispanics don’t go the hospital unless he don’t see improvement with the home remedy. The swelling went down and he was doing better. For those of you who believe in home remedies for swelling, mix sugar with cold cooking oil and apply it as a paste to the area.  It works wonders. 

Be careful playing tag with your kids, I never thought it could be so dangerous.