We all have dreams. Some of us pursue them to make them come true. Others just go with the flow and that’s okay. I think our childhood experiences shapes us as to what we want for our future. A lot of immigrants came to this country to pursue the American Dream. 

I admire my mother.  She escaped a civil war to pursue the American Dream. Not knowing any English, she left her home country to the land of opportunity, The United States Of America. She had no one here but she was determined to succeed. 

What gave my mom the strength to leave everything behind and go to the unknown? Losing her first child. She had fallen in love with a village boy and they decided to make a family. She had her first child and he was everything to her. Two months later, her baby boy died. He just stopped breathing. 

There was no autopsy back in the days where she lived, so she never knew the cause of his death. Her heart was broken and because she lived in a small town everyone knew her business. After she burried her first child, she vanished.

She was only nineteen years of age when she left El Salvador. She decided to attend adult school to learn English and get her General Education Diploma ( G.E.D.) when she arrived California. She found a job in a factory and went to school at night. She managed to rent a room in a house but at first she was homeless because no one wanted an unemployed person. 

My mom did get her G.E.D. and met friends who gave her opportunity to make extra money to bring her family to the states. Soon after, she met my father.  My mom was only twenty-one years of age and she married him. He was fifteen years old than her.  She married because she saw the opportunity to be able to become a Naturalized Citizen.  Her love for him did grew as time passed by. She was told by doctors that she couldn’t get pregnant. A year later, guess what? She became pregnant. I was born.

My mom was the happiest person because she saw me as her miracle child.  She got a second chance to become a mom. Since English was her second language she needed more practice so she only spoke to me in English. I didn’t know any Spanish while growing up because she didn’t want me to learn it.

My mom eventually brought her entire family to the United States. She accomplished her dream. She was able to bring her parents and her five brothers. She gave them the opportunity to get out of poverty and the war. My mom’s family was extremely poor, their typical foods where beans with tortillas. They could never afford to eat meat; eating a piece of meat was a luxury in her village.

Now, my mom owns a small house in California, has a descent job and has her family with her. She accomplished her American Dream by never giving up.

We all have dreams. Dreams is what makes this country so great. Keep on dreaming everyone, good things happen when we pursue our dreams. 

Photo credit: http://unitedstates.fm/americandreams.htm