I wanted to be a super model like Cindy Crawford when I grew up.  We all have dreams and most of us don’t pursue them since they are not realistic.  I recall back in my childhood days that I would always pose for the camera because I was practicing for my future career.  Ha ha!

I see all my pictures and I always had a fancy pose. As I grew, my mindset changed.  I saw first hand how the minority people would be treated and it made me angry. I decided that I wanted to become an attorney to be able to defend people in court and represent them.  Then, everything changed.  I fell in love with journalism. I was in middle school when I was introduced to this and I fell in love. 

In high school, I joined the school newsletter and created many controversial articles of what was happening in school and articles to educate people my age. It made me happy hearing people talk about the subjects and reading them. Pursue what makes you happy. I will continue writing about stuff I feel is important and I hope you enjoy my writing journey.  

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Picture caption:

I hope you enjoy my childhood picture; that was my famous pose. This picture was taken in El Salvador, my mom’s home country.