I finally went to the Space Needle! Let me start by saying that if you’re afraid of heights don’t go on. I’m not scared of heights but being up there made me a little dizzy.  You can feel the building swaying a little bit.  It’s wasn’t too bad but that definitely made me nervous. The tickets are $22 per adult and it has a time period that you must enter. I don’t recommend you to purchase them ahead of time due to the weather conditions.  I suggest you to go when you see the weather pretty clear to go up.  You can purchase your tickets in person and the wait isn’t that bad to go in. 

I learned that Elvis Presley and the Kennedy Family had been up there so it was nice to see the history. They have some 3D googles so you can experience virtual tour of the Space Needle from a birds eye view for free.

They do take a picture of your group for free with a green backdrop. You can scan your ticket at the gift shop and choose your background. Once your select the picture you want, you can have it emailed to you.  If you ever visit Seattle, I highly recommend this tour. I took some videos if you would like to see please check them out on my Instagram account: Instagram