I’m not a Seahawks fan but I am a football fanatic.  Go cowboys!!!! Even though I couldn’t attend a game I was able to get a tour to their stadium.  Tickets were only $14 per person and it was an hour and half tour. 

It’s pretty amazing being able to pass through were the press enters and have access to see behind the scene rooms.  They even took us into a suite to see first hand experience in being in one. We had the opportunity the stand on the field and touch the turf. It makes sense now how the grass looks so pretty on television; they explained that it’s a blend of plastic fibers.

Tour guide had lots of knowledge about the history of the stadium but nothing too interesting.  The design is pretty amazing since it’s open roof and it’s right next door to the Safeco Field, Mariners stadium. 

Who is your NFL team? And please don’t say Raiders…ha ha

I thought this frame was beautiful. It’s all the college and high school teams in the state of Washington.