I thought I might blog about this since today is Friday the 13th.  I never believed in this nonsense until I lost all my money.  I’ve stayed in many hotels and I’ve noticed a trend. They don’t have a 13th floor. It’s very rare for the ones that do, but the old ones skip the 13th floor.  Technically, the 14th floor would be the 13th floor. 

I’ve always gone to Vegas and either come out making money or come out even.  I finally stayed on the 13th floor on one of my Vegas trips. When the receptionist said, your room is on the thirteen floor I was hesistant to accept but there were no more rooms available.  I learned my lesson to never stay on the 13th floor even again when I go to Vegas. It’s probably a myth but I rather not bet on it.

I’m currently staying at the Motif Seattle Hotel  in Seattle, Washington and guess what?  They don’t have a 13th floor.  Ha ha! Beautiful hotel by the way. Hotwire never disappoints me. Next time you go to a hotel look at the elevator and see for yourself.  Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!