I’m officially old.  Yesterday, I boarded an airplane to go to Seattle, Washington to celebrate my son’s birthday.  This is not the first time I’ve been on an airplane.  Our flight was only two hours long, but half way through our flight I became ill.  It all started with cold sweat and suddenly nausea. I had to go to restroom to vomit but I just wouldn’t.  

We finally arrived to my destination and took a train ride to our hotel area. The train ride was only half hour but it felt eternity.  The train was rocking as it was going through the train tracks. As we go, I got the urge to vomit but the train had no restrooms or trash cans.  I begin to ask my kids and husband for a bag and they didn’t have one. I finally told them to take out their carry-on liquids and give me that zip lock bag. 

I was trying to hold it when I couldn’t anymore.  I turn to my right and begin to throw up on the floor.  I felt horrible because obviously everyone was looking at me.  Good thing that train was not really packed.  My husband finally gave me the zip lock bag and I continued to throw up but now inside the bag.  I was able to clean up the mess but it was quite embarrassing.

Motion sickness sucks.  I guess this is officially the first sign of aging.  Now, all my kids remind me that I’m the weakest link.