I was nine years old and I was playing with my neighbor in front of her house on the sidewalk.  I had my Barbie and so did she. We were playing with our dolls and in the background we could hear her dog barking behind the side fence of her house.

All of a sudden we see her dog jump the fence and run towards us.  His barking got louder and he was running straight at me. I dropped my Barbie and grabbed my neighbor and used her as a shield.  I knew he wasn’t going to do anything to her since it was her dog. This dog was 75-100 pounds and all black.  It was the not the cutest dog, I remember his name was Black Jack. He was a very angry dog, always barking at people.

I remember seeing him trying to bite me on my left side so I moved her to my left. Then he tried to go around to my right and I moved her to my right.  My adrenaline was pumping and I was just trying to survive this. We kept going back and forth until he got me. He finally bit my right hip and I passed out of the pain.

I honestly can’t remember what happened after he bit me, I just recall waking up in the hospital. I had some stitches and remember nurses telling me that they were awaiting the results of rabies. I think what saved me is that I was extremely skinny that I hardly had any meat on my bones, so he couldn’t really grasp on to my skin but he still took a bite. Thank God that his shots were up to date so they didn’t have to do anything extra on me.

Regardless of what happened to me in my past I still love dogs.  There are good dogs and bad dogs in this world just like people. Don’t judge based on one event.

Let me introduce you my puppy. His name is Buddy. He is only nine weeks old and he is a big brat. He is adorable but he doesn’t let me sleep. I’ve only had him for about two weeks now and I feel like giving him back. I’m not a very happy person when I lack sleep.

He is very playful but I didn’t like him barking at me just because I was telling him not to mark my carpet. I showed him who is the boss already.  I gave him time out in my restroom and he was crying.  It’s amazing how five minutes of time-out makes wonders.  He tried to bark at me the next day and when I started walking towards him he runs away to hide. It’s best to show them when they are small who owns them.