Everyday a man would ride the bus from work to home. He would take his bike since the bus stop was a couple of miles away from his house. This was his routine everyday.

He was on the bus just like any other day and he fell asleep.  While he was sleeping, the bus drivers had a change of shift. The new bus driver got a call that someone left their bicycle on the rack to make sure to take it back to headquarters.

The man got off and began to take off his bike and the bus driver stopped him.  The man was confused as to why he couldn’t take his own bicycle.  The bus driver told the man that she will call the police if he keeps touching the bike. The man is intimidated because his English is not so good and that bus driver was a white female.  He didn’t want to cause anymore scene so he left empty handed.  He had to walk home.

The bus got back to headquarters and there was a white man waiting for his bicycle.  The driver never questioned if that was his bike and gave him the bicycle.

The next day the man from the bus went to headquarters requesting his bicycle. He explained what happened and they will look at the surveillance video. They figured out that the man that had left his bicycle had given the wrong bus number.  They have given the wrong bicycle away.

They ask the man how much the bicycle cost to replace it and the honest man says that he got it at a yard sale for $50 but it’s worth $150.  Upper management refused to pay this man for the bicycle they gave away and offer him $40. The man explains that he won’t get lucky to find another bicycle at a yard sale again.

This is injustice.  The man was robbed by the bus company and now the man had no bicycle. The bus company worker remembered that they had a lost and found area and they had many bicycles left behind.  He asked the man if he could come and see if he could find one similar to his.  The man did find a somewhat similar one and he agreed to settle. Due to the worker thinking outside the box and not letting upper management rob this man he was somewhat able to give the man what the bus company took away from him. This is a true event but due to confidentially I have to keep bus company anonymous.

Photo credit: https://www.behance.net/gallery/4865589/Dont-Discriminateahoo images