I want to share a funny moment that happened to me at the movie theaters.  My husband and I bought two tickets to watch Girls Night Out which is a rated “R” movie. My two boys wanted to go with us but this movie was not age appropriate for them because they are thirteen and fourteen years old. We bought them  two tickets to watch Dunkirk. My sons kept trying to convince me that they can handle a rated “R” movie.  I kept having to tell them, “No”.

We handed our tickets to the usher and he tells us that our movie was in theater eight and my kids movie in theater six. We part our ways and go to our theater.  We find our seat and watch the commercials. The movie starts and it’s Dunkirk.

My husband and I look at each other all panicked that we accidentally gave the wrong tickets to our boys. And of course my boys were not going to say anything since they were were trying to watch that movie with us. So we rush out of the theater and we go into theirs and they are watching Dunkirk too.  The usher made a mistake and told us the wrong theater.  We start laughing because for a moment I thought they were watching our rated R movie.


photo credit: yahoo images