My mom was driving me to my doctor’s appointment one day and she tells me that she wants to ask for forgiveness.  Fifteen years have passed since we last spoke about this incident and she is now asking for forgiveness. I could hear her words cracking because she was crying as she tells me that she made a terrible mistake. She should have been there for me when I most needed her and she is sorry that she betrayed me.

Hearing her pain was difficult for my ears to digest as she continued to say that she was deeply sorry. I felt like something was lifted from my chest when I heard her speak.  I began to cry just hearing her soft voice telling me that she loves me.

It’s never too late to ask for forgiveness.  I’ve forgiven my mom for not believing me that my uncle molested me. I even forgave him because he is sick mentally for doing that.  I know there is a God in this world and he will give me the strength to get through this internal pain.


photo credit: yahoo images