Goodbyes are painful. I’m writing my last post to all my blogger fans today because everything must have an end. Just like life, we all have an end date. I’ve shared my sorrow and adventures with all of you. I’ve opened my heart and I’ve been sincere about my biggest obstacles I’ve had in this journey. My journey continues but I will no longer have a voice in this virtual world but I did exist. I hope you all have enjoyed my stories and I wish all of you the best. Life is definitely a journey and we will always face challenges but sometimes we are too weak to keep fighting it. We always have choices and I’ve made very poor choices in my past and they will always haunt me in my future. I wish I could freeze my thoughts so they can slowly melt away and not hurt people around me. I seem to hurt people with my thoughts and I hate the person I’ve become. This was a great experience but my blogging comes to an end.  Goodbye