It was a Saturday morning and I woke up with the worse stomach ache. I felt very weak and extremely tired. I was home alone with all the my kids. At that time, my daughter was five years old and my sons were four and three. I knew something was wrong so I decided to head to hospital. I felt extremely weak like if I was battling a bad cold.

I noticed a foul smell coming from my belly button area. It smelled like something had spoiled inside me.  I had plastic surgery a year before but due to my keloid scars my belly button area was not healing internally. I thought that because it had closed up, it had healed but I was so wrong.

I was finally seen by a doctor and showed them my belly button area and they discovered that I had an abscess. They ran a blood test and found that I had an infection had spread into my blood stream. They immediately admitted me and began an IV with the strongest antibiotics to fight the infection. They drained my abscess and requested me to follow up with my primary doctor for follow-up treatment. They kept me there until my white blood cells were at a normal range but gave me antibiotics to take at home. That was one of the scariest moments because the doctor explained that people can die from an infection in the blood stream because it could affect vital organs.

If your planning to have plastic surgery make sure you ask plenty of questions and don’t ignore the signs your body gives you.


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