I had a three year old foster son that would ask every male stranger, “Are you my daddy”? At first, I would giggle hearing him ask total strangers but then soon I realized that he was being serious.

My uncle and aunt were babysitting him one day for me and took him to the mall. This three year old boy had white skin with hazel eyes.  My uncle and aunt have dark skin and brown eyes.

They were walking with him holding his hand and they came to a stop to pay for something and a lady in front of them noticed his eyes.  She told him that he had beautiful eyes. The lady then questioned my uncle if that was his son and my uncle said, “No, he is my nephew”. My three year old foster son looks at my uncle and tells him, “But I thought you were my daddy”. My uncle is embarrassed now because the lady is confused as to him this kid belongs to. You got to love kids.

photo credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/438749188668597945/