My mom finally bought me the Nintendo I had been asking for.  I was so happy that I finally got something I had been wanting for a long time.  I was the first kid in my block to get it so all the other kids were jealous.  I remember telling them at school and they all began to ask if they could play. I felt bad so I made a deal with the kids in my neighborhood.  I told them that they could pay me a quarter and play for five minutes. The word spread and within two hours I had a line of kids out my door waiting for their turn.

My mom arrived home and was so confused as to why there were so many kids standing out the front door. She discovered all my neighborhood kids playing on my Nintendo. There was a line of kids with their quarters in their hands patiently waiting for their turn. I was just supervising and timing each player’s turn and collecting the money. I was six years old and I had found the way to make some easy money. I felt like the God Father of the neighborhood.

This story is from my husband’s childhood memories, I want to share some of his with you guys. Sharing is caring. This took place back in 1985 in East Los Angeles, California.  Who ever thought that Nintendo was going to be the next big thing again after thirty years.

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