We were in Vegas gambling away our money. My husband and I decided that we should try a massage place across the street from our hotel. The advertisement said that you can get massage for twenty dollars for an hour. I called and made an appointment for each of us.

We walked across the street and we checked-in.  We get called by two oriental females to go to the back and lay down in beds that are lined up next to each other in this big open room. They put my husband next to me. My husband tells the lady that he doesn't want her to touch his right calf muscle because he had just torn it. The lady nods her head as if she understands him.  My husband even points to his calf that she needs to avoid.

Our massage starts by them putting our feet in warm water.  I close my eyes and almost fall asleep since they are massaging my neck area and head. Soon they ask me to turn over to massage my back.  An hour later, the massage is over and we go to the front to pay.  I noticed my husband limping so I ask him what happened. He responds, "Let's just get out of here"!

He begins to explain that the lady misunderstood him as he is limping as we walk back to our hotel.  He specifically told her not to massage that right calf muscle because it was torn and I guess she thought he wanted more massage in that area.  He says that when she began he didn't stop her since he thought it would be over.  But soon he realized that she was focusing more in that area. He even felt that at one point she was punching it to get the knot out. He wanted to scream but he was too embarrassed since everyone around him was asleep. The way he survived was that he imagined that he was in the CIA and that he had been captured by Chinese.  He was not going to let his country down and break.  I couldn't stop laughing when he was telling me his experience.

Next time you go get a massage make sure that you don't give any special request because they  will definitely give you an experience to remember.

photo credit: http://www.earlytech.com