I wake up hearing a rooster crowing early in  the morning. I'm so confused because I'm in California not in El Salvador.  I go back to sleep because I thought I was hearing things.

Soon I wake up and I go the kitchen to serve myself some cereal.  I noticed my grandma with her apron but covered with red marks and her scarf tied around her head.  She suffered from severe migraines so she always had a scarf tied to her head. She kept coming into the kitchen and walking out to the back yard.  I continue eating my cereal and then I notice some legs popping out from the pot that was on the stove.  I get closer to the pot and discovered that they were chicken legs.  I get grossed out.

I go to the backyard to see my grandma holding a chicken by its neck and all of a sudden swinging him around like a helicopter.  Then she grabs the chicken and chopped his head off and puts the chicken into a pot with hot water. Since when did my grandma become a ninja and just chops heads off like that?

I quickly learned that this is how my grandma was raised, she kills her own chicken to make chicken soup. I definitely didn't want to eat chicken after seeing how they were killed.  Does your grandma have any special skills?


photo credit: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/3514141-post35.html