This family is in a van driving down the road when an SUV is coming towards them head-on.  The van tries to swerve to the right to avoid the collision but it was too late and both vehicles collide head-on. They come to rest in the middle of the intersection.  The driver of the SUV flees the scene of the accident because he was driving under the influence of alcohol.

The family in the van are severely injured and trapped inside the van.  The doors are jammed due to the collision. The fire department arrives at the scene of the accident and find the mom’s head through the windshield.  They put a white cover over her while they use the jaws of life to get the passengers out. There was seven passengers in the van and they were all taken via ambulance except the mom.

Suddenly, the mom wakes up with a cover over her face.  She is trapped and she can’t move.  She begins to shout, “Hello! Anybody there! Help me!” Her head had gone through the windshield but she was stuck. Her hips were holding her back because they wouldn’t fit through the passenger and driver seat of the van. She was the only one that wasn’t wearing her seatbelt because the seat didn’t have one. She always sat in the second row middle seat of the van.

When the paramedics arrived they left her for dead and just covered her up.

This happened to one of my close friends.  Her family survived the injuries but they got lucky that their mom survived this accident. She always hated her big hips until they saved her life. Now we laugh about how her hips saved her from flying out of the car.


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