I was sitting down strapped with the safety gear over my chest. I'm trying to figure out what this ride is going to do when suddenly it takes off from zero to 70 mph. I didn't even have a chance to scream. It makes its first loop and I felt like I was going to fly out. The force of the loop makes your body move up from your seat. The only thing holding me from slipping away are my feet that are between some plastic cushions and the chest gear. I begin to scream because now I feel that if my chest gear snaps that's it, it's over for me. It makes the same loop two times. It was the worst feeling. I felt like I was going to die. Now I know why they call it Full Throttle.

I survive this crazy ride. My kids are laughing at me because I felt nauseous and sick after. I remember that when I was younger I loved roller coasters, but these are nothing compared to back in the days.

Later that day my kids went on to another ride named X2. Let me just say that my kids never want to try that ride again, they felt what I felt with the first ride.  Who invented these roller coasters?  Why do we like to torture ourselves?

Have you experienced these rides lately?


photo: http://lostwaldo.com/the-worlds-most-dangerous-roller-coasters/