My mom is from Jupiter.  I know what your thinking, that I'm crazy.  Ever since I remember my mom had these crazy stories when I was growing up.  I didn't know if they were real or not. As I grew, I embraced her way of thinking.  You can't change people, just embrace them.

My kids now have learned to embrace her as well.  I tell them that we are going to go visit their grandma and they ask, " The one from Jupiter or the other one"? I seriously laugh hard when I hear them say this.

I used to invite my mom to go on vacation with us and she would always respond that she can go anywhere in the world when she sleeps.  My mom has a big imagination and I honestly think she does go places in her dreams.

She considers herself a gnostic. She knows a lot of the history of Jesus but in philosophical way.   I love my mom but I think she came to early to Earth, we are not capable of understanding her yet. I hope you enjoyed a little bit about my mom.

Where is your mom from? Ha! Ha!

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