A secret admirer, I'm sure you've had one in your lifetime.  It's so cute when you receive unexpected gifts or letters from someone that likes you.  Let me share a story that was freaked out my husband on my birthday.

Every year on my birthday since I was twelve years old I would receive a bouquet of flowers with a cute ceramic cup with a plate.  It was the cutest arrangement you could imagine.  It had a hand written note wishing me happy birthday and telling me that I'm a very special person to enjoy the small gift.

The first year I received it I'm not going to lie, I freaked out because what if it was a psycho that knew where I lived.  My mom calmed me down and said that we need to embrace the things we receive and not think negative.

The second year I embraced it. I enjoyed the gift and I felt special. Every year I received it on my birthday.

On my 18th birthday I was already married and living with my husband.  Guess what? I received the flowers.  My husband freaked out.  He called the flower shop and demanded to know who it was.  I had done that previously but they would never give me a name.  They would claim that it was a cash transaction and it was anonymous.

He was so adamant to know who this person was that they finally told him.  It was my mom.  She had read a story about a wife that would receive flowers from a secret admirer every year. When her husband died, she soon found out that it was him all along.  My mom wanted to keep this secret until she died but my husband ruined it.

The thought is what counts.  I thought this was an amazing way to show her daughter the love she had for her.  I felt even more special knowing that it was my mom.


What did your secret admirer give you?

Photo credit: http://www.giftbagshop.co.uk/valentines-card-top-secret-admirer-4909